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Cedar of Lebanon

Cedrus Libani

A large, wide spreading evergreen coniferous tree, conical when young, gradually assuming the familiar picturesque, flat topped and tiered arrangement of a mature tree. Leaves green to greyish-green 2-2.5 centimetres long, cones 8-10 centimetres.

This interesting tree is a native of Asia Minor and Syria and was planted on many of the estates in Ireland in the mid-1800s. The tree was something of a status symbol and it was fashionable to have afternoon tea sitting in the shade of the Cedar of Lebanon.

The tree is only suitable for growing in public parks, large gardens and where it has space to develop to its full potential. Cedar of Lebanon can reach 30 metres in height with width of 10 metres or more.

It grows best in good heavy rich soil that is well drained and in full sun.

Cedar of Lebanon


Cedar of Lebanon branch



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