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Wild Cherry

Prunus Avium


Very little is known of the history of cherry in Ireland. Because the flowers are insect pollinated and produce little pollen, there is little evidence for cherry in the post glacial pollen records.

Prunus avium is a medium to large tree with smooth grey bark, turning mahogany red, peeling and deeply fissured with age. The white cup-shaped flowers are borne in clusters and open with the leaves in late April or early May.

Fruits are small and shiny reddish-purple, bitter or sweet to the taste and provide food for the birds, which eat them with relish.

The foliage is dull in summer until it turns yellow, dull orange and dark red in autumn.

This broad leaved deciduous tree which can reach a height of 20 metres and a spread of 15 metres grows best on good well drained soil but will tolerate poorer soil provided it is well drained. Not a tree for the garden due to its dull foliage in summer but ideal as a hedgerow tree on farms or planted in a woodland site.

Wild Cherry



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