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Irish Yew

Taxus baccata fastigata

Yew tree leavesThe Irish Yew is located in almost every churchyard and every specimen is derived from one of the two female erect trees found in 1780 on a hillside in County Fermanagh.

The tree can grow to a height of 16 metres and broadens with age but still retains its fastigate form.

This evergreen conifer has dark almost black-green leaves and fruits with a red aril.

The yew will grow on a wide variety of soils providing it has good drainage. Ideal as a specimen plant in the garden or in parkland but perhaps because of its association with graveyards it is not very often planted in private gardens with the exception of the golden forms.

It is also a poisonous plant and this too makes people wary of planting it as the red fruits could be very enticing to children.

It is however a good plant for formal situations and a matching set providing an entrance to another part of a garden can look very attractive.

Yew tree
Yew tree planted in Ardagh Village Neighbourhood Park by former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson



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