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Portugal Laurel

Prunus lusitanica

This broad leaved evergreen tree is a member of the cherry family and is often grown as a shrub or as an excellent hedging plant but also makes a very attractive small to medium sized tree. A beautiful specimen tree when allowed to develop naturally. It is very hardy.

Leaves are ovate, dark green with reddish petioles. Flowers are small white carried in long slender racemes in June. Fruits are small, red turning to dark purple.

It is noticeable over the years that many gardens lack good structure and can be bleak and empty in winter. The Portugal Laurel is a tree that could help redress that situation; it can also be used to attain privacy, muffle noise from road traffic and as a nice background plant for flowering plants in the foreground. It grows well in clay soils and even grows successfully in soils which are quite wet.

Portugal Laurel


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