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The Monkey Puzzle

Aruacana aracana

The Monkey Puzzle

This distinctive coniferous tree native to South America has stout whorled roots densely clothed in rigid sharp pointed leaves.

It makes a prominent lawn specimen in many gardens and is probably one of the best known trees by the general public. It is impressive with its almost cylindrical bole, always rigidly straight and very rarely forked.

Monkey puzzle trees are either male or female and a tree needs to grow and flower within 100 metres or so of one of the other sex for its seeds to be fertile. When the genes are adjacent, 95 percent of germination may be expected and up to 200 seeds in a cone.

It is hardy in our climate and has excellent wind resistance. It grows best in a moist, loamy soil but needs careful consideration as to where it should be planted.

It can look out of proportion located in small gardens adjacent to small houses. It is most suitable for large gardens or parkland, golf courses, country hotel grounds or if space is available hospital grounds.

The Monkey Puzzle


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