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Maidenhair tree

Ginkgo biloba

Genus of one species of deciduous tree from South China , extinct in the wild but preserved and still grown in temple gardens and as a specimen tree. It can grow up to 100 feet with a trunk up to 28 feet.

Long shoots bear alternate leaves while woody spur shoots bear densely clustered leaves and flowers. The fan shaped, divided mid to yellow green leaves turn golden yellow in autumn. The fleshy fruit smell unpleasant as they decay.

Ginkgo biloba tolerates atmospheric pollutions and has grown very well among the high rise buildings of New York. And because it drops most of its leaves at the one time it requires less maintenance in removing leaf litter over a long period of time.

The tree is completely hardy and will thrive in a variety of soils. It can be planted as a single specimen or in groups or as an avenue tree with its upright habit.

Mature Maidenhair tree
Maidenhair tree
Maidenhair tree Trunk
Maidenhair tree Leaf

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