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Common Lime

Tilia X Europeaa

This broadleaved deciduous tree is usually on the tallest trees and can reach 45 metres with a narrow upper crown of several vertical stems and light level branches.

The Common limes size and fragrant flowers, its adaptability to various soils, its long life and wind firm nature earn it an assured place as a framework tree and parkland specimen.

Although they are frequently planted alongside town streets, limes become infested with aphids which feed on the leaves causing sticky, partly digested leaf sap to drip onto the pavement beneath. A mould fungus then turns these droppings black causing unsightly blotches.

The stringy inner bark of common lime, called bast or bass was once used to make mats and ropes and in America the timber is known as basswood. The flowers provide a source of nectar for honeybees in July.

Common Lime


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