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Common Horse Chesnut

Aesculus hippocastanum

Possibly the most beautiful of large flowering trees, it is hardy in the British Isles. It is exceptionally attractive when covered with its stout candles of white flowers in May. It also provides the familiar ‘conkers’ of children’s games in autumn.

This large deciduous tree can grow up to a height of 100 feet with a large spread to match. Young plants grow straight with sturdy shoots of 60 centimetres but old trees grow much slower. The weak wood renders a tree in full leaf liable to shed a branch when it is weighted with water from a sudden storm. The buds are large and sticky.

This tree is native only to the mountains of Northern Greece and Albania.

It grows best on deep damp soils in a warm sheltered site. It is an ideal tree for parkland and large open spaces. Sometimes it is seen on avenues of old estates and also growing around farmyards and haggards.

Horse Chesnut tree in winter

a large mature Horse Chesnut tree in winter

Trunk of a Horse Chesnut tree

Trunk of the Horse Chesnut tree above.


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