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Ilex aquafolium

This upright evergreen broad leaved tree have probably been in Ireland since the early post glacial period, but only became common once the woodland had been thinned for agriculture from about 3000 B.C.

There is no more beautiful or useful evergreen for the climate. It is usually seen as a small tree or large bush but it can grow to heights of 18-20 metres in favourable conditions. It is an excellent plant to grow in a hedge and can be grown both in industrial and coastal conditions. It is an ideal plant for a town garden or a small garden due to its size and shape and where male and female plants are growing close together. Good crops of red berries can be seen on the female plants.

The prickly waxy leaves are an aid to prevent moisture loss but they are also a good protection against animals foraging on the plants and in modern times to keep vandals from damaging the plants. Plants will grow well in almost any soil that is not water logged.

Holly tree
Holly leaves Holly berries



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