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Dawn Redwood

(Taxodiaceae) Metasequoia glyphostroboides

Dawn Redwood trunk showing young shootsThe Dawn Redwood was resurrected from near extinction when a Chinese botanist discovered the plant in 1941. The Arnold Arboretum organised an expedition to collect seeds and gardeners the world over have benefited as a result.

In youth and old age the habit is pyramidal and feathery. The bark is reddish brown in youth, becoming darker and fissured with age and exfoliating in narrow strips. The trunk becomes buttressed with maturity. The half-inch long, bright green needles are borne on small branchlets. In autumn the needles turn orangish brown to reddish brown.

Once established the species withstands dry roots although it will also grow in wet soils. It should be planted in a sunny location. A single specimen is an imposing sight but groupings and groves are also effective. Ample room should be allowed for growth. Under ideal cultural conditions, 2 to 3 feet of vertical growth per year is common. It grows 70-100 feet high and 25 feet wide.

A native of China, this is a tree for parkland, open space or large amenity areas.

Dawn Redwood


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